ALIENTECH Deimox Ultimate Signal Booster – Universal Drone Range Enhancer with Advanced Multi-Frequency Amplification


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ALIENTECH Deimox Signal Enhancer: Redefining Drone Connectivity:

Elevate your drone experience with the ALIENTECH Deimox Signal Booster, the pinnacle of signal enhancement technology. Designed for universal application, this booster integrates flawlessly with a myriad of drone models and brands. It eliminates the hassle of controller compatibility, offering professional drone operators the freedom to extend operational ranges with unmatched versatility.

Alientech Deimox Antenna Front and Back

**Revolutionary Technical Features:**

The Deimox is a powerhouse of technology, supporting a comprehensive frequency range including 915 MHz, 1.2GHz, 5.2GHz, and 5.8GHz, addressing a variety of drone communication protocols. Operating on 12V, it boasts an impressive 10W transmit power. The high-gain antenna is a key feature, with gains of 2.4G>15 dBi±1 and 5G>21 dBi±1, and horizontal radiation angles spanning 65° to 83°, ensuring expansive coverage.

**Enhanced Signal Strength for Uncompromised Quality:**

With both receive and transmit gains marked at 15dB±1 and an overall gain ranging from 22.9dB±1 to 39dB±1, the Deimox excels in delivering stable, clear transmissions across distances and through challenging conditions. Its design supports extension cables of up to 40 meters, further amplifying its range.

**Optimized High-Performance Transmission:**

The Deimox stands out in handling 802.11 ac 6.93Gbps MIMO OFDM 64QAM BW 80 MHz transmissions. It operates within an input power range of 5–20 dBm and maintains a low EVM of 3% at 28 dBm. The booster’s noise figure remains impressively low at ≤2.5 dB, minimizing interference, and it boasts an efficient power management system, utilizing 435 mA at 9V. Its transmission latency is exceptionally minimal at ≤1μs, crucial for real-time drone operations.

**Durability Meets Portability:**

Constructed to endure, the Deimox operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C and is built to resist adverse weather conditions. Its portable design makes it an ideal companion for various operational contexts. The device is powered by a sturdy battery (DC11.1V/15000mA), supported by a DC13.5V=8A charging mechanism. For stationary or extended use, an AC power input of 100V to 240V is available, with a maximum power consumption of 110W.

Alientech Deimox Antenna in Rain

**Unmatched Antenna Technology:**

The Deimox features a range of high-gain antennas: a 915MHz set, a 1.2G set, two 4-element 2.4G sets, and two 12-element 5G full-band sets, covering a range of 5.1GHz-5.9GHz. The gains for these antennas are impressive, reaching up to 20dBi for the 5GHz antenna. Furthermore, all standing wave ratios remain below 1.3dB.

**Innovative Power Amplification:**

Equipped with four sets of single/dual-frequency 5-watt power amplifier units, the Deimox not only provides a potent signal source but also enhances antenna design to counteract various interferences effectively.

Embrace the ALIENTECH Deimox Signal Booster for an unparalleled drone flying experience, where connectivity meets innovation, and every flight transcends boundaries.

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