ALIENTECH DUO 3: Ultra-Enhanced Tri-Band Drone Signal Booster with Advanced Mu-Mimo Technology


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ALIENTECH DUO 3: Ultra-Enhanced Tri-Band Drone Signal Booster with Extended Range and Advanced Mu-Mimo Technology

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Enhance your DJI drone experience with the newly enhanced ALIENTECH DUO 3 antenna signal booster. This game-changing accessory now boasts a robust 3000 mAh battery, ensuring extended operational and standby times. Say goodbye to power anxiety during your aerial explorations, as the DUO 3 reliably supports your flights, allowing you to capture stunning aerial footage with ease. Experience the pinnacle of drone capabilities with the DUO 3.

Alientech Duo 3 antenna


The DUO 3 Signal Booster is a compact yet powerful tool, vital in the realms of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and Wi-Fi communications. Its operational prowess spans across the 2.4G, 5.2G, and 5.8G frequency bands, offering unparalleled versatility and enhanced communication for a variety of applications.

Adhering to the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards, the DUO 3 facilitates efficient data transmission across wireless networks. These standards enable the device to offer diverse wireless transmission speeds and frequency bands, catering to a wide range of applications.

Featuring cutting-edge technology like spread spectrum, multi-carrier modulation, time-division duplexing, and digital video transmission, the DUO 3 is equipped for excellence. It boasts automatic frequency switching, channel selection, and multi-channel support, ensuring superior signal strength and clarity while reducing interference.

DJI RC remote with Alientech DUO 3 mounted on mount

Designed for enhancing transmission distance and remote control range, the DUO 3 is compliant with FCC and CE standards, meeting the rigorous requirements for transmission power and signal quality.

The DUO 3 is indispensable for various applications, from UAV remote control to Wi-Fi signal transmission and digital video transmission, compatible with all the new Occusync 3/Enterprise  and Lightbridge technologies.  DJI RC Plus, RC Pro, RC, RC2, RC N1-2/DJI 1st Standard and Enterprise Smart Controllers/Cendence.  Fits all older models up to the very latest!  The new addition of the DJI RC 2 remote mod,  and the DJI RC PLUS addition!

Summarily, the DUO 3 Signal Booster is a multifaceted device, integral for enhancing communication in diverse applications. Its compliance with IEEE standards and advanced technological features make it a must-have for professionals in UAV and Wi-Fi communication sectors.

Technical Specs:

  • Tri-Band Compatibility: 2.4G, 5.2G, and 5.8G
  • Frequency Bands: 2400–2485 MHz, 5.150–5.850 MHz
  • Working Voltage: 6-9V
  • Antenna Gain: 2.4G>13 dBi±1 / 5G>15 dBi±1
  • Antenna Horizontal Half-Radiation Angle: 65-84°
  • Antenna Vertical Half-Radiation Angle: 63–75°
  • 2.4G Receive Gain: 12dB±1
  • 5.2G and 5.8G Receive Gain: 15dB±1
  • Transmit Gain: 15 dB±1
  • Input Power Range: 10–25 dBm
  • EVM: 3%@28 dBm 802.11 ac 6.93Gbps MIMO OFDM 64QAM BW 80 MHz
  • Electric Current: 435 mA at POUT 28 dBm 9V
  • Noise Coefficient: ≤ 2.5 dB
  • Transmission Delay: ≤ 1 μs
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C~80°C
  • Battery: 3.7V, 3000 mAh

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DJI Remote Controller

DJI Mavic Pro/2 Standard , DJI RC 2 , DJI RC Plus , DJI RC Pro/Enterprise , DJI RCN1/RCN2 , DJI Smart Controller/Enterprise , DJI Standard Phantom/Inspire , Duo 3 Antenna Only

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