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The Autel Live Deck 2 is an advanced wireless video transmission system designed to provide real-time HD video streaming from your Autel drone to multiple devices simultaneously. With its enhanced features and robust performance, the Live Deck 2 offers drone pilots, cinematographers, and professional operators an unparalleled aerial video experience, allowing them to capture and share stunning aerial footage with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time HD Video Transmission: The Live Deck 2 utilizes advanced wireless technology to transmit high-definition video from your Autel drone to compatible devices in real-time. Whether you’re capturing aerial footage for film production, live broadcasting, or surveillance applications, this system delivers crystal-clear video with minimal latency, ensuring smooth and immersive viewing experiences.
  2. Dual Channel Transmission: With dual-channel transmission capability, the Live Deck 2 allows you to stream video to two separate devices simultaneously, such as a monitor and a recording device. This enables multiple users to view the live feed independently, enhancing collaboration and productivity during aerial operations.
  3. Long-Distance Range: The Live Deck 2 offers an extended transmission range, allowing you to maintain a stable connection with your drone even at significant distances. Whether you’re filming expansive landscapes, conducting inspection missions, or monitoring remote areas, this system ensures reliable video transmission for uninterrupted operation.
  4. Intuitive Interface: The Live Deck 2 features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and settings, making it easy to configure and customize your video streaming experience. The system supports various video output formats and resolutions, giving you flexibility in adjusting settings to suit your specific requirements and preferences.
  5. Compact and Portable: Despite its advanced capabilities, the Live Deck 2 is compact and portable, making it easy to transport and set up for on-location shoots or outdoor operations. Its lightweight design and durable construction ensure reliability and convenience, allowing you to capture breathtaking aerial footage wherever your adventures take you.


  • Film and Television Production: Use the Live Deck 2 to stream live video from your Autel drone to a monitor or recording device, providing directors, cinematographers, and crew members with real-time visuals for film and television production.
  • Live Broadcasting: Broadcast live events, sports competitions, concerts, and news coverage from an aerial perspective using the Live Deck 2, enabling audiences to experience immersive aerial views in real-time.
  • Surveillance and Security: Monitor and surveil remote locations, construction sites, and critical infrastructure using the Live Deck 2, providing security personnel and operators with instant access to aerial video feeds for situational awareness and response.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Autel Live Deck 2
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x User Manual


Weight: 424.5g

152*111*23.2mm (antennas folded)
223.9*152*23.3mm (antennas unfolded)”

Ingress Protection: IP43

Operating Frequency:
5.650-5.755GHz(Japan Only)

Transmitter Power (EIRP):
900MHz: FCC<=33dBm
2.4GHz: CC/NCC<=33dBm; CE/MIC/SRRC/KC<=20dBm
5.8GHz/5.7GHz: FCC/SRRC/NCC<=33dBm; KC<=20dBm; CE<=14dBm”

Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference): 12km

Operating time: 5h

Operating Current/Voltage: 1.3A/3.85V (not connected to smartphone)

Battery Type: Li-Po

Battery Capacity: 6200mAh

Rated Power: 5 W

Operating Temperature:14°F~104°F (-10°C~40°C)

Operating Humidity: 95%RH

HDMI: 1080p@60 fps

Ethernet: 100M

Safety Precautions:

  • Operate the Live Deck 2 in compliance with local regulations and airspace restrictions governing the use of drones and wireless transmission equipment.
  • Ensure all connections and cables are securely attached and properly configured before powering on the system to prevent damage to devices and equipment.
  • Use caution when handling the Live Deck 2 and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, moisture, or physical impacts to maintain its functionality and longevity.
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