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The Autel Robotics EVO II Hard Rugged Case is a durable and protective carrying solution designed to safeguard your EVO II drone and accessories during transportation and storage. Engineered with rugged materials and a custom foam interior, this hard case offers maximum protection against impacts, drops, and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring your drone remains safe and secure wherever your adventures take you. With its compact and portable design, ergonomic handles, and secure latches, it’s the ideal travel companion for professional drone pilots and outdoor enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy-Duty Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, including impact-resistant ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, the EVO II Hard Rugged Case is built to withstand the rigors of travel and outdoor use. Its rugged construction provides superior protection against bumps, shocks, and rough handling, keeping your drone and accessories safe during transit.
  2. Custom Foam Interior: The interior of the case features a custom-cut foam insert designed to securely hold your EVO II drone, remote controller, batteries, charger, and accessories in place. The precision-cut foam compartments ensure a snug and secure fit for each item, preventing them from shifting or moving during transport.
  3. Waterproof and Dustproof: The hard case features a waterproof and dustproof seal, providing an additional layer of protection against moisture, dirt, and debris. Whether you’re traveling through rain, snow, or dusty environments, you can trust that your drone and accessories will remain dry and clean inside the case.
  4. Ergonomic Design: Designed for convenience and comfort, the hard case features ergonomic carrying handles that provide a comfortable grip during transport. The handles are reinforced for added durability and stability, allowing you to carry the case with confidence wherever you go.
  5. Secure Latching System: The case is equipped with secure latches that keep the lid tightly closed during transport, preventing accidental opening and ensuring the contents remain secure at all times. The latches feature easy-to-use locking mechanisms that provide added security and peace of mind.


  • Traveling: Safely transport your EVO II drone and accessories during travel, road trips, and outdoor adventures.
  • Storage: Protect your drone and accessories from dust, moisture, and damage while storing them at home or in the field.
  • Professional Use: Carry your drone safely to job sites, filming locations, and outdoor events, ensuring it’s ready for action when needed.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Autel Robotics EVO II Hard Rugged Case


  • Material: ABS plastic, aluminum alloy
  • Exterior Dimensions: [Insert dimensions here]
  • Interior Dimensions: [Insert dimensions here]
  • Weight: [Insert weight here]
  • Color: Black
  • Waterproof Rating: [Insert waterproof rating here]
  • Compatibility: Autel EVO II drone and accessories

Safety Precautions:

  • Avoid dropping or mishandling the case, as this may cause damage to the contents inside.
  • Store the case in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Clean the case regularly with a soft cloth and mild detergent to remove dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Inspect the case and latches regularly for signs of wear or damage, and replace any worn or damaged components as needed.
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