DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2 year (L2)



DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) is a comprehensive protection plan tailored specifically for enterprise customers who rely on DJI drones for critical operations. This specialized service package offers extended coverage and support for DJI’s enterprise-grade drones, ensuring peace of mind and operational continuity for organizations conducting missions in diverse industries. With its range of benefits and dedicated support, DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) is an essential component of any enterprise drone fleet management strategy.

Comprehensive Coverage Against Accidental Damage:
DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) provides comprehensive coverage against accidental damage to your enterprise drone fleet. Whether your drones encounter collisions, crashes, or water damage during operations, this protection plan ensures that they are safeguarded against unforeseen accidents that could impact their performance and functionality. With coverage for accidental damage, you can mitigate the financial risks associated with drone operations and maintain the operational continuity of your enterprise.

Extended Repair Services and Priority Support:
In the event of accidental damage, DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) offers extended repair services and priority support to minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly. With access to DJI’s network of authorized repair centers and expert technicians, you can trust that your drones will be quickly and efficiently repaired to their original condition. Additionally, as a subscriber to DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2), you receive priority access to our dedicated enterprise customer service team, ensuring timely assistance and guidance whenever you need it.

Streamlined Claims Process and Hassle-Free Repairs:
DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) features a streamlined claims process to ensure a hassle-free experience for enterprise customers. If your drone experiences accidental damage covered under the plan, simply submit a claim through DJI’s online portal or contact our customer service team. Our claims specialists will guide you through the process and ensure that your claim is processed promptly, allowing you to get back to flying with minimal delay. With DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2), you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that repairs will be handled efficiently and effectively.

Extended Warranty Coverage for Added Protection:
In addition to coverage for accidental damage, DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) extends the warranty coverage for your enterprise drones, providing added protection beyond the standard warranty period. This extended warranty ensures that your investment is safeguarded against manufacturing defects and component failures, giving you confidence in the reliability and performance of your drones. With extended warranty coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your drones are protected against unexpected issues that may arise during their operational lifespan.

Comprehensive Fleet Management Tools for Optimized Operations:
DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) includes access to comprehensive fleet management tools to help you optimize the performance and reliability of your drone fleet. Track the status and health of your drones, monitor maintenance schedules, and access performance analytics to identify trends and patterns. With these tools, you can proactively manage your fleet, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity. By leveraging the fleet management capabilities of DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2), you can ensure that your enterprise drone operations are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

In conclusion, DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) is a valuable service plan designed to provide enterprise customers with comprehensive protection and support for their drone operations. With coverage against accidental damage, extended repair services, priority support, streamlined claims process, extended warranty coverage, and comprehensive fleet management tools, DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) ensures that your enterprise drone fleet is protected, reliable, and ready to meet the demands of your business. Whether conducting aerial inspections, mapping missions, or public safety operations, DJI Care Enterprise Basic 2-Year (L2) gives you the confidence and peace of mind to focus on achieving your goals.

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