DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1)



DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) is a comprehensive service plan designed to offer essential protection and support for users of DJI payloads, catering to professionals and enterprises across various industries such as public safety, infrastructure inspection, and surveying. With its coverage against accidental damage, extended warranty, prioritized repairs, and streamlined claims process, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) ensures that users can utilize their DJI payloads with confidence and reliability.

Comprehensive Coverage Against Accidental Damage:
DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) provides comprehensive coverage against accidental damage for your DJI payloads. Whether your payload encounters collisions, crashes, or water damage during operations, this protection plan ensures that your equipment is shielded against unforeseen accidents that could affect its performance and functionality. By mitigating financial risks and maintaining operational continuity, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) empowers users to deploy their payloads with confidence.

Extended Warranty for Long-Term Peace of Mind:
In addition to coverage for accidental damage, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) extends the warranty coverage for your DJI payloads, providing long-term peace of mind beyond the standard warranty period. This extended warranty offers protection against manufacturing defects and component failures, ensuring that your investment is safeguarded throughout its operational lifespan. With extended warranty coverage, users can trust in the reliability and durability of their DJI payloads.

Prioritized Repairs and Expedited Service:
Subscribers to DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) benefit from prioritized repairs and expedited service for their DJI payloads. In the event of accidental damage, DJI’s network of authorized repair centers and skilled technicians will expedite the repair process to ensure that your equipment is promptly restored to its original condition. This prioritized service minimizes downtime, allowing users to maintain operational efficiency and meet critical deadlines without interruption.

Streamlined Claims Process for Hassle-Free Support:
DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) features a streamlined claims process to provide users with hassle-free support in the event of accidental damage. Users can easily submit a claim through DJI’s online portal or contact the dedicated customer service team for prompt assistance. With the claims process efficiently managed by DJI’s specialists, users can expect quick resolution and minimal disruption to their operations, enabling them to resume their activities swiftly and confidently.

Enhanced Services and Exclusive Benefits:
In addition to comprehensive coverage and prioritized repairs, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) offers a range of enhanced services and exclusive benefits tailored to the needs of payload users. These may include premium customer support, expedited shipping for replacement parts, and complimentary training resources to help users maximize the capabilities of their payloads. With these exclusive benefits, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) ensures that users receive the highest level of support and assistance for their DJI payloads.

In conclusion, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) is an essential service plan designed to provide comprehensive protection and support for users of DJI payloads. With its coverage against accidental damage, extended warranty, prioritized repairs, streamlined claims process, and exclusive benefits, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) empowers users to operate their payloads with confidence, reliability, and efficiency. Whether conducting critical inspections, surveying tasks, or public safety operations, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (P1) enables users to achieve their objectives with peace of mind.

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