DJI Care Refresh 1-Year Plan (DJI Air 3)


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The DJI Care Refresh 1-Year Plan for DJI Air 3 is a comprehensive service package designed to provide peace of mind and protection for owners of the DJI Air 3 drone. Whether you’re a beginner exploring the skies or an experienced pilot pushing the limits of aerial photography, DJI Care Refresh ensures that your drone investment is safeguarded against accidental damage, ensuring uninterrupted flying experiences and worry-free adventures.

Comprehensive Coverage:
DJI Care Refresh offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of potential mishaps and accidents that may occur during the operation of your DJI Air 3 drone. From accidental crashes to water damage, DJI Care Refresh has you covered, providing protection against unforeseen repair costs and ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your aerial adventures with confidence.

Accidental Damage Coverage:
Accidents happen, but with DJI Care Refresh, you can fly with peace of mind knowing that accidental damage to your DJI Air 3 drone is covered. Whether you accidentally collide with an obstacle or experience a hard landing, DJI Care Refresh provides coverage for repairs or replacement of your drone, minimizing the financial impact of unexpected mishaps.

Fast and Convenient Replacement Service:
In the event of accidental damage covered under DJI Care Refresh, DJI offers fast and convenient replacement services to get you back in the air as quickly as possible. Simply submit a service request through the DJI website or mobile app, and DJI will provide instructions for returning your damaged drone. Once received, DJI will expedite the repair process or provide a replacement unit, allowing you to resume flying without undue delay.

Peace of Mind for Your Aerial Adventures:
With DJI Care Refresh, you can embark on your aerial adventures with confidence, knowing that your DJI Air 3 drone is protected against accidental damage. Whether you’re exploring scenic landscapes, capturing stunning aerial photography, or documenting your outdoor adventures, DJI Care Refresh provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on capturing incredible moments from above.

Exclusive Benefits and Discounts:
In addition to comprehensive coverage for accidental damage, DJI Care Refresh members enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts on future purchases of DJI products and accessories. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your drone, invest in additional batteries, or enhance your aerial photography capabilities with new accessories, DJI Care Refresh provides valuable savings and incentives to support your flying endeavors.

Easy Enrollment and Activation:
Enrolling in DJI Care Refresh is quick and easy, with convenient online enrollment and activation processes. Simply purchase DJI Care Refresh alongside your DJI Air 3 drone, activate your coverage within 48 hours of activation, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive protection for your aerial adventures.

In summary, DJI Care Refresh 1-Year Plan for DJI Air 3 is an essential service package for drone enthusiasts and pilots seeking peace of mind and protection for their aerial adventures. With comprehensive coverage for accidental damage, fast and convenient replacement services, exclusive benefits and discounts, and easy enrollment and activation processes, DJI Care Refresh ensures that your drone investment is safeguarded, allowing you to fly with confidence and capture incredible moments from above. Whether you’re a beginner pilot or an experienced aerial photographer, DJI Care Refresh provides the assurance and support you need to make the most of your DJI Air 3 drone and enjoy countless hours of unforgettable flying experiences.

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