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DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK) is a comprehensive support plan designed specifically for users of the DJI Matrice 350 RTK (M350RTK) drone, providing peace of mind and essential coverage for their aerial operations. Tailored to the unique needs of enterprise users, this support plan offers a range of benefits and services aimed at minimizing downtime, maximizing productivity, and ensuring the longevity of the M350RTK drone. From expedited repairs to expert technical support, DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK) delivers the assurance and assistance users need to maintain uninterrupted operations and achieve their business objectives.

Key Features and Benefits:

Priority Repairs: With DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK), users receive priority repair services, ensuring expedited turnaround times for drone repairs. In the event of damage or malfunction, users can submit a repair request through the DJI support portal and receive prompt assistance from certified technicians. This minimizes downtime and enables users to resume operations swiftly, keeping productivity levels high.

Comprehensive Coverage: The support plan provides coverage for a wide range of potential issues and damages, including accidental damage, water damage, and component failures. Whether the M350RTK drone experiences a hard landing, collision, or technical malfunction, users can rest assured knowing that they are protected under the DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK) plan.

Unlimited Support: Users have access to unlimited technical support from DJI’s team of experts, who are available to assist with troubleshooting, diagnostics, and advice on best practices. Whether users encounter software glitches, flight performance issues, or operational challenges, they can rely on DJI’s knowledgeable support staff to provide timely and effective solutions.

Firmware and Software Updates: DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK) ensures that users have access to the latest firmware and software updates for their M350RTK drone, enabling them to benefit from improved performance, new features, and enhanced stability. Regular updates help to optimize drone functionality and address any potential vulnerabilities or issues, enhancing overall reliability and user experience.

Flight Training Resources: The support plan includes access to DJI’s extensive library of educational resources, including tutorials, training videos, and user manuals. These resources provide users with valuable insights into drone operation, maintenance, and safety practices, empowering them to maximize the capabilities of their M350RTK drone and operate it safely and efficiently.

Global Coverage: DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK) offers global coverage, providing support and assistance to users regardless of their location. Whether users are operating locally or internationally, they can rely on DJI’s extensive network of service centers and authorized repair facilities to receive the assistance they need, ensuring seamless operations wherever they go.

Peace of Mind: Ultimately, DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK) provides users with peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected and that they have access to expert support whenever they need it. By mitigating risks, minimizing downtime, and optimizing performance, the support plan enables users to focus on their core business activities with confidence, driving productivity and success.


DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK) is a valuable support plan that offers essential coverage and assistance for users of the DJI Matrice 350 RTK (M350RTK) drone. With priority repairs, unlimited technical support, comprehensive coverage, and access to educational resources, the support plan ensures that users can maintain uninterrupted operations, maximize productivity, and achieve their business objectives with confidence. Whether users encounter technical issues, require repairs, or need guidance on drone operation and maintenance, DJI Enterprise Care Basic (M350RTK) provides the assurance and assistance they need to succeed in their aerial operations.

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