DJI Matrice 350 Series BS65 Intelligent Battery Station



DJI Matrice 350 BS65: The Ultimate Battery Station Solution

Streamline your aerial operations with the DJI Matrice 350 BS65 Intelligent Battery Station – the quintessential hub for battery charging, safekeeping, and transportation for the DJI Matrice 350 RTK. With innovative features such as Storage Mode and Ready-to-Fly Mode, you’re not just charging; you’re enhancing efficiency and extending battery longevity.

Designed for smooth transitions on-the-go, the battery station boasts new 360°-rotating wheels, ensuring hassle-free movement. Its robust management system accommodates eight TB65 flight batteries, four WB37 remote controller batteries, and comes equipped with one USB-C maintenance port, one USB-C charging port, and one USB-A charging port. And for the ultimate in efficiency? Charge two TB65 batteries and a WB37 battery all at once.

Prioritizing speed, when batteries dock for a charge, the station cleverly opts for the most charged battery first, before moving down the line. Your charge time with the BS65 will vary depending on your power supply:

BS65 Battery Station Charge Durations:

  • 110V Power Supply:
    • 70 minutes for a full charge of two TB65 Batteries.
    • 30 minutes to boost them from 20% to 90%.
  • 220V Power Supply:
    • 60 minutes for a complete charge of two TB65 Batteries.
    • 40 minutes to elevate them from 20% to 90%.

Empower your drone operations with the DJI Matrice 350 BS65 Battery Station – optimizing charge times and mobility.

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