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The Freewell UV Filter for DJI FPV Racing Drone is a precision-engineered optical accessory designed to enhance the performance and protection of your FPV drone’s camera lens. Crafted from premium materials and featuring advanced optical coatings, this UV filter effectively reduces ultraviolet light transmission while safeguarding your lens against scratches, dust, and debris. Whether you’re racing through challenging environments or capturing aerial footage in bright sunlight, the Freewell UV Filter ensures optimal image quality and durability for your FPV adventures.

Key Features:

  1. Ultraviolet Light Reduction: The UV filter effectively minimizes the transmission of ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause haze and reduce image clarity, especially in high-altitude environments. By filtering out UV rays, this accessory helps produce clearer, sharper, and more vibrant images and videos, ensuring superior visual quality in various shooting conditions.
  2. Optical Clarity: Engineered with precision-ground glass and multi-layered optical coatings, the UV filter maintains excellent optical clarity and color fidelity while minimizing glare and reflections. This ensures that your footage remains true to life with accurate colors, contrast, and details, allowing you to capture stunning aerial visuals with confidence.
  3. Enhanced Protection: The UV filter acts as a protective barrier for your FPV drone’s camera lens, shielding it from scratches, dust, moisture, and other external hazards encountered during flight. Its robust construction and durable design provide reliable protection without compromising image quality, allowing you to fly with peace of mind in various environments.
  4. Easy Installation: Featuring a lightweight and compact design, the UV filter is easy to install and remove from your DJI FPV Racing Drone’s camera lens. Its precision-engineered threads ensure a secure and stable fit, preventing any unwanted movement or distortion during flight. Additionally, the filter’s slim profile minimizes vignetting and does not interfere with the drone’s gimbal operation.


  • Product Name: Freewell UV Filter for DJI FPV Racing Drone
  • Filter Type: Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for DJI FPV Racing Drone camera lens
  • Material: Optical glass with multi-layer coatings
  • Dimensions: Lightweight and slim-profile design for minimal impact on gimbal operation
  • Installation: Screw-on attachment for quick and secure mounting

Protect your DJI FPV Racing Drone’s camera lens and enhance image quality with the Freewell UV Filter. Whether you’re racing, freestyling, or capturing cinematic footage, this essential accessory ensures superior optical performance and durability for your FPV aerial adventures.

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