Futaba Dual-RX Lind System FDLS-1


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Product Name: Futaba Dual-RX Link System FDLS-1


The Futaba Dual-RX Link System FDLS-1 is an innovative solution designed to enhance the reliability and performance of your RC model’s receiver system. Developed by Futaba, a leading brand in RC technology, this advanced link system allows for seamless integration of multiple receivers, providing redundant communication paths for increased signal reliability and range. Whether you’re flying aircraft, piloting boats, or driving RC cars, the FDLS-1 system offers peace of mind and improved control responsiveness, even in challenging RF environments.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Receiver Redundancy: The FDLS-1 system utilizes dual-receiver redundancy to ensure reliable communication between your transmitter and RC model. By simultaneously connecting two receivers to your transmitter, the system provides redundant signal paths, minimizing the risk of signal loss or interference and enhancing overall system reliability.
  2. Enhanced Signal Coverage: With two receivers operating in parallel, the FDLS-1 system offers expanded signal coverage and improved reception quality, especially in areas prone to signal attenuation or interference. Whether you’re flying at long distances or in crowded RF environments, the system helps maintain a stable and responsive connection between your transmitter and model.
  3. Automatic Signal Switching: The FDLS-1 system features automatic signal switching functionality, which continuously monitors the signal strength and quality from both receivers. In the event of signal degradation or loss on one receiver, the system seamlessly switches to the other receiver, ensuring uninterrupted communication and preventing control disruptions during flight or operation.
  4. Compatible with Futaba Transmitters: The FDLS-1 system is compatible with Futaba transmitters equipped with S.Bus2 technology, allowing for easy integration and setup. Whether you’re using a Futaba air transmitter for aircraft or a surface transmitter for boats or cars, the FDLS-1 system provides plug-and-play compatibility and seamless operation with your existing Futaba equipment.
  5. Compact and Lightweight Design: Designed for easy installation and minimal impact on your RC model’s weight and balance, the FDLS-1 system features a compact and lightweight design. The system’s small footprint and low-profile antennas ensure hassle-free integration into a wide range of RC models without sacrificing performance or aerodynamics.


  • Product Name: Futaba Dual-RX Link System FDLS-1
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Futaba transmitters equipped with S.Bus2 technology
  • Redundancy: Dual-receiver redundancy for enhanced signal reliability
  • Signal Switching: Automatic signal switching for uninterrupted communication
  • Installation: Compact and lightweight design for easy integration into RC models
  • Dimensions: Compact size for versatile installation options

Experience enhanced signal reliability and control responsiveness with the Futaba Dual-RX Link System FDLS-1. Whether you’re flying, driving, or sailing your RC model, this innovative link system provides peace of mind and improved performance, allowing you to enjoy your hobby to the fullest with confidence.

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