Futaba HPS-HC500 S.Bus 2 HV Heli Swash Servo


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The Futaba HPS-HC500 S.Bus 2 HV Heli Swash Servo is a high-performance servo designed specifically for helicopter swashplate control applications. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and precision components, this servo delivers exceptional reliability, speed, and accuracy, making it ideal for demanding 3D aerobatic maneuvers and precision flying.

Key Features:

  1. High Torque and Speed: The HPS-HC500 servo is engineered to deliver high torque and speed, allowing for rapid and precise control of the helicopter’s swashplate. With its powerful brushless motor and advanced servo mechanics, it provides responsive and agile performance, even under extreme flying conditions.
  2. S.Bus 2 Compatibility: Utilizing Futaba’s S.Bus 2 protocol, this servo offers enhanced digital communication and control capabilities. It provides seamless integration with compatible Futaba radio systems, allowing for convenient setup, programming, and telemetry monitoring.
  3. High-Voltage (HV) Capability: With its high-voltage compatibility, the HPS-HC500 servo can operate efficiently on HV power systems, delivering consistent performance and reliability. This feature ensures stable operation even in high-demand flight scenarios, providing pilots with peace of mind during intense flying sessions.
  4. Metal Gear Train: The servo features a durable metal gear train that provides exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable operation under heavy loads and high-stress conditions. The precision-machined gears offer smooth and consistent movement, contributing to the servo’s overall performance and longevity.
  5. Dual Ball Bearings: Equipped with dual ball bearings, the HPS-HC500 servo delivers smooth and precise movement with minimal friction and wear. The bearings help to maintain precise alignment and stability, ensuring consistent performance throughout the servo’s lifespan.


  • Product Name: Futaba HPS-HC500 S.Bus 2 HV Heli Swash Servo
  • Operating Voltage: High voltage (HV) compatible
  • Torque: High torque output for swashplate control
  • Speed: High-speed performance for rapid response
  • Compatibility: Designed for use in helicopter swashplate applications
  • Gear Train: Metal gear train for durability and reliability
  • Bearings: Dual ball bearings for smooth and precise movement
  • Control Protocol: S.Bus 2 digital communication protocol


The Futaba HPS-HC500 S.Bus 2 HV Heli Swash Servo is a top-of-the-line servo designed to meet the demanding requirements of helicopter swashplate control. With its high torque, high-speed performance, and advanced features such as S.Bus 2 compatibility and high-voltage capability, it provides helicopter pilots with the precision and reliability they need for aggressive 3D aerobatics and precise maneuvers. Whether you’re a sport flyer or a competition pilot, the HPS-HC500 servo delivers exceptional performance and durability, making it an ideal choice for your helicopter setup.

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