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The Futaba S.Bus Decoder SBD-3 is a versatile device designed to expand the compatibility and functionality of your radio control (RC) system. Compatible with Futaba’s innovative S.Bus technology, the SBD-3 decoder allows you to integrate non-S.Bus servos and devices into your S.Bus system, offering greater flexibility and control over your RC models.

Key Features:

  1. S.Bus Compatibility: The SBD-3 decoder is fully compatible with Futaba’s S.Bus technology, which enables digital communication between the receiver and various RC devices, such as servos, gyros, and more. S.Bus technology simplifies wiring, reduces clutter, and allows for precise control and customization of servo parameters.
  2. Expandability: With the SBD-3 decoder, you can expand the capabilities of your S.Bus system by integrating conventional analog servos and devices that do not support S.Bus protocol. This allows you to mix and match different types of servos and devices within your RC model, enhancing versatility and functionality.
  3. Flexible Configuration: The SBD-3 decoder features multiple channels, allowing you to connect and control multiple servos and devices simultaneously. You can configure each channel independently, adjusting endpoints, direction, and other parameters to suit your specific application requirements.
  4. Easy Installation: Installing the SBD-3 decoder is quick and straightforward, thanks to its compact size and user-friendly design. Simply connect the decoder to your S.Bus system using standard servo connectors, and configure the channels using compatible programming devices or software.
  5. Reliable Performance: Built to Futaba’s high-quality standards, the SBD-3 decoder ensures reliable and consistent performance in a wide range of RC applications. Its robust construction, reliable electronics, and advanced features make it a dependable solution for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals alike.


The Futaba S.Bus Decoder SBD-3 is a versatile device designed to convert S.Bus signals into conventional PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signals for use with non-S.Bus compatible servos and devices. Here are the specifications for the SBD-3:

  1. Compatibility: The SBD-3 is compatible with Futaba S.Bus systems, allowing you to connect it to a spare S.Bus port on your receiver.
  2. Input: The SBD-3 accepts S.Bus signals from your transmitter or receiver, which are digital signals used to control servos and other devices in your RC system.
  3. Output: The SBD-3 converts S.Bus signals into standard PWM signals, allowing you to control non-S.Bus compatible servos, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers), and other devices that use PWM control.
  4. Number of Channels: The SBD-3 typically supports multiple channels, allowing you to convert S.Bus signals for multiple servos or devices simultaneously.
  5. Channel Mapping: The SBD-3 may offer channel mapping functionality, allowing you to assign specific S.Bus channels to corresponding PWM channels as needed.
  6. Compatibility with Servos: The SBD-3 is compatible with a wide range of standard RC servos and devices that use PWM control.
  7. LED Indicator: Some models of the SBD-3 may feature an LED indicator that provides visual feedback on the status of the decoder, such as power and signal status.
  8. Compact Design: The SBD-3 is designed to be compact and lightweight, allowing for easy installation and integration into your RC system without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.
  9. Reliability: Futaba products are known for their high quality and reliability, ensuring that the SBD-3 provides stable and consistent performance in converting S.Bus signals to PWM signals.

Overall, the Futaba S.Bus Decoder SBD-3 is a valuable accessory for integrating non-S.Bus compatible servos and devices into your Futaba S.Bus system, providing compatibility and flexibility for your RC applications.


  • RC Aircraft: Use the SBD-3 decoder to control ailerons, elevators, rudders, and other control surfaces with analog servos or devices.
  • RC Cars: Integrate non-S.Bus servos for steering, throttle, and other functions in RC cars, trucks, and other vehicles.
  • RC Boats: Expand the functionality of your RC boat’s control system by connecting additional servos or devices for various functions.
  • Robotics: The SBD-3 decoder can also be used in robotics projects to control motors, actuators, and other components.


The Futaba S.Bus Decoder SBD-3 offers a convenient and flexible solution for integrating non-S.Bus servos and devices into your S.Bus RC system. With its expandable channels, easy installation, and reliable performance, the SBD-3 decoder provides greater versatility and control over your RC models, making it a valuable addition to any hobbyist’s toolkit.

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