The Futaba S3155 Digital Mini Servo with Metal Gears is a compact and powerful servo designed for a wide range of radio-controlled (RC) applications. With its digital precision and durable metal gear train, this servo offers reliable performance and precise control for your RC aircraft, cars, boats, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, the S3155 servo provides the responsiveness and durability you need to take your RC adventures to the next level.

Key Features:

  1. Digital Precision: Equipped with digital circuitry, the S3155 servo delivers precise and accurate control over your RC model’s movements. The digital design ensures consistent performance and eliminates the risk of signal interference, providing smooth and reliable operation in all conditions.
  2. Compact Size: Despite its compact size, the S3155 servo packs a punch with its high-torque motor and metal gear train. The mini form factor makes it ideal for applications where space is limited, allowing you to install the servo in tight spaces without sacrificing performance.
  3. Metal Gear Train: The servo features a rugged metal gear train that provides exceptional strength and durability. The metal gears are designed to withstand the rigors of RC use, ensuring reliable power transmission and resistance to wear and tear over time.
  4. High Torque Output: With its high-torque motor, the S3155 servo delivers impressive torque output, allowing it to move large control surfaces and handle heavy loads with ease. Whether you’re flying a large-scale airplane or maneuvering a heavy-duty off-road vehicle, this servo provides the muscle you need to control your model with precision.
  5. Fast and Responsive: The S3155 servo boasts rapid response times, allowing for quick and precise movement of your RC model’s control surfaces. Whether you’re performing aerobatic maneuvers or navigating tight corners, this servo reacts instantly to your commands, providing the agility and responsiveness you need to stay in control.


The Futaba S3155 Digital Mini Metal Gear Servo is a high-quality servo designed for various RC applications, providing precise control and reliability in a compact size. Here are the specifications for this servo:

  1. Type: The S3155 is a digital servo that utilizes advanced digital circuitry for precise control and responsiveness.
  2. Operating Voltage: It operates within a voltage range of 4.8V to 6.0V, making it suitable for use with standard RC receiver batteries.
  3. Torque: This servo delivers impressive torque output, with a torque rating of approximately 2.2 kg-cm (30.6 oz-in) at 4.8V and approximately 2.8 kg-cm (38.9 oz-in) at 6.0V. This torque ensures precise control of various RC mechanisms and control surfaces.
  4. Speed: The S3155 servo offers fast and responsive movement, with a transit time of approximately 0.16 seconds/60 degrees at 4.8V and approximately 0.13 seconds/60 degrees at 6.0V. This rapid speed allows for quick and precise adjustments during RC operations.
  5. Motor Type: It features a high-quality brushed motor, providing smooth and efficient operation while minimizing wear and tear for long-lasting performance.
  6. Gear Material: The servo gears are made of metal (MG – Metal Gear), ensuring durability and reliability even under high loads and stressful conditions.
  7. Size: The dimensions of the S3155 servo are approximately 29 x 13 x 30 mm (1.14 x 0.51 x 1.18 inches), making it compact and suitable for various RC applications where space is limited.
  8. Weight: It has a weight of approximately 20 grams (0.71 ounces), contributing to its lightweight and agile performance.
  9. Compatibility: The Futaba S3155 servo is compatible with Futaba and other standard RC systems, offering easy integration and compatibility with a wide range of RC receivers and transmitters.

Overall, the Futaba S3155 Digital Mini Metal Gear Servo is a reliable and versatile servo that delivers precise control, durability, and responsiveness for various RC applications, making it an excellent choice for RC enthusiasts and hobbyists.


  • RC Aircraft: Use the S3155 servo to control the ailerons, elevator, rudder, and other flight surfaces of your airplane or helicopter, providing precise and responsive control during flight.
  • RC Cars: Install the servo in your car or truck to control the steering, throttle, and other functions, allowing for precise handling and maneuverability on the track or trail.
  • RC Boats: Utilize the servo to operate the rudder, throttle, and other control surfaces of your boat, ensuring smooth and precise navigation on the water.
  • Robotics: Incorporate the servo into robotic projects requiring compact size, high torque, and precise motion control, such as robotic arms, grippers, and manipulators.


The Futaba S3155 Digital Mini Servo with Metal Gears combines compact size, digital precision, and durable construction to deliver reliable and precise control for a variety of RC applications. With its high-torque motor, metal gear train, rapid response times, and compact form factor, this servo offers the power, performance, and versatility to meet the demands of both beginner and experienced RC enthusiasts. Whether you’re flying, driving, boating, or building robots, the S3155 servo provides the strength, speed, and accuracy you need to take your RC adventures to new heights.

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