Hitec D646WP Waterproof 32Bit High Torque Metal Gear (25 Tooth Spline)


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The Hitec D646WP servo is a waterproof, high-torque servo designed for demanding RC applications, such as off-road vehicles, boats, and aircraft. With its powerful motor, durable metal gears, and waterproof construction, it offers exceptional performance and reliability in harsh environments.

Key Features:

High Torque: The D646WP servo features a high-torque motor capable of delivering impressive torque output, making it suitable for applications that require strong and reliable servo performance. Whether you’re navigating rough terrain with your RC truck or controlling large control surfaces on your airplane, this servo can handle the job with ease.

Waterproof Design: Designed to withstand water and moisture, this servo features a waterproof housing that protects its internal components from damage caused by immersion or exposure to wet conditions. This makes it ideal for use in boats, off-road vehicles, and other RC applications where water resistance is essential.

32-Bit Resolution: Equipped with a 32-bit resolution circuit, the D646WP servo offers precise and accurate movement, ensuring smooth operation and responsive control. The advanced electronics provide precise positioning and eliminate any jitter or deadband, resulting in precise control over your RC vehicle or aircraft.

Metal Gear Train: The servo features a durable metal gear train that provides robust and reliable performance, even under high loads and stress. The metal gears offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable operation and long-lasting performance in demanding RC applications.

25-Tooth Spline: With its 25-tooth spline output shaft, the servo is compatible with a wide range of servo horns and accessories, allowing for easy installation and customization. The spline design ensures a secure and reliable connection between the servo and the control linkage.

Dual Ball Bearings: Dual ball bearings support the output shaft, providing smooth and precise movement while minimizing friction and wear. The bearings enhance the servo’s durability and longevity, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Universal Compatibility: The D646WP servo is compatible with a wide range of RC receivers and systems, including both analog and digital systems. Whether you’re using a traditional RC transmitter or a modern computerized radio system, this servo will integrate seamlessly with your setup.

Versatile Applications: This servo is suitable for a variety of RC applications, including off-road vehicles, boats, airplanes, and more. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional RC enthusiast, the D646WP servo offers the performance and reliability you need for your next project or adventure.

Overall, the Hitec D646WP servo is a waterproof, high-torque servo that delivers exceptional performance and reliability in demanding RC applications. With its powerful motor, durable construction, and advanced features, it’s an excellent choice for enthusiasts who require rugged and dependable servo performance in wet or harsh environments.

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