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The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Gimbal Camera is a high-performance imaging system designed specifically for professional and industrial applications. Engineered to meet the demands of commercial users, this advanced camera offers cutting-edge features and capabilities to enhance situational awareness, improve efficiency, and enable a wide range of mission-critical tasks.

Key Features:

High-Resolution Imaging: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Gimbal Camera is equipped with a high-resolution imaging sensor capable of capturing crisp and detailed visuals in resolutions up to 640×512 pixels. This level of detail ensures clear and precise imagery for inspection, monitoring, and mapping applications.

Dual-Spectral Imaging: This camera features dual-spectral imaging capabilities, allowing users to capture both visual and thermal imagery simultaneously. With an integrated FLIR Boson sensor, it provides thermal imaging in resolutions up to 640×512 pixels, enabling enhanced detection and analysis of heat signatures.

Zoom Capabilities: The gimbal camera includes advanced zoom capabilities, featuring a 32x digital zoom for visual imaging and a 16x digital zoom for thermal imaging. This allows users to magnify distant objects with clarity, providing greater flexibility and versatility for inspection and surveillance tasks.

Multiple Imaging Modes: The camera supports various imaging modes, including visual, thermal, and dual-view modes, enabling users to switch between different perspectives and modalities to suit specific mission requirements. This versatility enhances situational awareness and enables comprehensive analysis of the target area.

Real-Time Data Transmission: The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Gimbal Camera offers real-time data transmission capabilities, allowing users to stream live video feeds directly to the ground station or mobile device. This enables instant analysis and decision-making during critical missions, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Intelligent Flight Features: Integrated with DJI’s advanced flight control technology, the camera enables intelligent flight features such as Waypoints, Point of Interest (POI), and ActiveTrack, allowing users to automate flight paths, track moving objects, and capture dynamic footage with ease.

Enhanced Security and Privacy: With built-in encryption and data security features, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Gimbal Camera ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information captured during missions. This protects against unauthorized access and safeguards privacy in compliance with industry regulations.

Compact and Portable Design: Despite its advanced features, the gimbal camera maintains a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport and deploy in various environments. Its foldable form factor allows for quick setup and deployment, ensuring rapid response to operational needs.

Overall, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Gimbal Camera sets a new standard for aerial imaging in professional and industrial settings. With its advanced imaging capabilities, intelligent features, and robust design, it empowers users to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety in a wide range of applications, including infrastructure inspection, public safety, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.

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