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The senseFly eBee X (without payload) is a cutting-edge fixed-wing drone designed for professional mapping, surveying, and inspection applications. Here’s a detailed description of its features and capabilities:

Advanced Fixed-Wing Design: The eBee X features an aerodynamically optimized fixed-wing design, enabling it to achieve high levels of stability, efficiency, and endurance during flight operations. Its sleek and streamlined profile enhances overall performance and flight characteristics.

Modular Payload Compatibility: With its modular payload bay, the eBee X offers versatile payload compatibility, allowing users to integrate various sensors and cameras for tailored data collection needs. Whether conducting photogrammetry, multispectral imaging, or thermal mapping, the drone can accommodate a wide range of payloads.

Long Endurance: Equipped with a high-capacity battery and efficient propulsion system, the eBee X delivers extended flight endurance, allowing it to cover large areas in a single flight. With flight times of up to 90 minutes, users can maximize productivity and data collection efficiency.

Professional-Grade Sensors: The eBee X is compatible with a range of professional-grade sensors, including RGB cameras, multispectral cameras, and thermal imaging cameras, enabling high-precision mapping, surveying, and inspection tasks. These sensors capture high-resolution imagery and data for accurate analysis and decision-making.

Automated Flight Planning: Featuring senseFly’s proprietary eMotion flight planning software, the eBee X offers intuitive and automated flight planning capabilities. Users can easily define mission parameters, such as area of interest, altitude, and overlap settings, to generate optimized flight paths for efficient data collection.

High-Precision GNSS Technology: The eBee X is equipped with high-precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology, including GPS and GLONASS receivers, ensuring accurate georeferencing and positioning during flight operations. This enables precise mapping and surveying results with minimal ground control points.

Advanced Flight Performance: Leveraging advanced flight control algorithms and sensors, the eBee X delivers exceptional flight performance and stability, even in challenging environmental conditions. Its robust construction and reinforced airframe provide durability and reliability in various operating environments.

Easy Deployment and Operation: Designed for user-friendly operation, the eBee X features tool-free assembly and quick deployment, allowing users to launch the drone quickly and efficiently. Its intuitive control interface and automated flight modes simplify operation, making it suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Integrated Data Processing: The eBee X seamlessly integrates with senseFly’s Postflight Terra 3D software for streamlined data processing and analysis. Users can easily process captured imagery and generate accurate 3D models, orthomosaics, and point clouds for a wide range of applications.

Industry-Leading Support and Services: Backed by senseFly’s industry-leading support and services, the eBee X offers peace of mind to users, ensuring prompt assistance, training, and maintenance support to maximize operational efficiency and productivity.

Overall, the senseFly eBee X (without payload) is a versatile and reliable solution for professionals seeking high-performance fixed-wing drones for mapping, surveying, and inspection tasks. With its advanced features, long endurance, and modular payload compatibility, it enables efficient data collection and analysis for a variety of applications.

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